A promising year for professional advancements and personal relationships seem to be in store for most of the zodiac signs, predicts Esther Chook from EC Metaphysics.


Rat – Ranking 2/12

Career & Wealth (Star 4/5): There is tremendous potential for career growth, wealth accumulation, and opportunities to take on leadership roles. Don’t pay attention to envy from co-workers and continue to build connections and expand your network to grow.
Relationships (Star 4/5): If you are single, new relationships are on the cards, but be discerning; not everyone will be good for you. Committed couples will have the opportunity to deepen their connection.
Health (Star 4/5): Navigate challenges by practicing mindfulness. When travelling, exercise caution to reduce likelihood of accidents and injury.

Ox – Ranking 3/12

Career & Wealth (Star 4/5): Opportunities for career progression and personal growth are possible through connections with influential people. Double check your communication to prevent misunderstandings. Surround yourself with people you trust and don’t get sucked into dubious get-rick schemes – if they seem “too good to be true”, they are!
Relationship (Star: 3/5): You will be more inclined towards solitude and introspection, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. When managing relationships, communicate clearly.
Health (Star: 3/5): Instead of allowing yourself to feel isolated, engage in charitable activities or volunteering in your community. Seek professional help if unable to receive support from peers or family.

Tiger – Ranking 7/12

Career & Wealth (Star 3/5): Travel could lead to career development and financial gain but there could also be a possibility of theft or material loss due to carelessness or poor decision making. Step up security measures!
Relationship (Star 3/5): External distractions have the potential to disrupt your relationships this year. Maintain open and honest communication with your partner to navigate these challenges.
Health (Star 3/5): You may be more sensitive and easily affected, so pencil in regular downtime to boost mental and emotional clarity. This is the time to embrace a new diet and exercise regimen; your body will thank you for it later.

Rabbit – Ranking 12/12

Career & Wealth (Star: 1/5): A year of upheavals and challenges. Challenging superiors and increased competition at the workplace should be seen as opportunities for upskilling. Embrace a more conservative approach when managing investments.
Relationship (Star: 1/5): Family ties and personal relationships could face some strain which could lead to depression. Improve your communication to avoid possible misunderstandings, especially with your partner. Seek professional help to check your blind spots and examine your relationships from different angles.
Health (Star: 1/5): You may be susceptible to minor health issues this year, so don’t skip your regular health screenings.

Dragon – Ranking 8/12

Career & Wealth (Star 3/5): A favourable year for career advancement and promotion if you embrace competition, adapt to change, and carve your own niche. Find opportunities to showcase your work to your seniors and keep a clear head when making financial decisions.
Relationship (Star 3/5): There will be highs and lows, and more potential for conflict within the family. Prevent and navigate conflict with open communication and diplomacy. New relationships could make for extra sizzle in the bedroom for singles.
Health (Star 2/5):  Gastrointestinal, gynaecological and urinary issues may surface for women. Manage your emotional wellbeing with meditation or yoga.

Snake – Ranking 4/12

Career & Wealth (Star 4/5): A stable year with many opportunities to expand your network, especially for those in the food and beverage industry. Invest in learning and upskilling. While there are plenty of financial opportunities, avoid short-term investments and ‘get rich quick’ schemes. Consult your mentors or advisors first.
Relationship (Star 4/5): Love is in the air for singles. Those in committed relationships may experience discontent and isolation, so book some downtime to reconnect.
Health (Star 3/5): No major issues on the cards but avoid activities at high altitudes as you could increase your risks of accidents – looks like you will have to postpone bungee jumping plans!

Horse – Ranking 9/12

Career & Wealth (Star 3/5): You will get the chance to flex your problem-solving abilities and advance your career based on your ability to transform challenges into opportunities. Ignore the gossipmongers and focus on your path.
Relationship (Star 2/5): There will be conflict in your relationships. Tolerance, patience, understanding, and effective communication are vital for maintaining harmony.
Health (Star 2/5): For peace of mind, manage stress levels. Exercise caution when on the road.

Goat – Ranking 6/12

Career & Wealth (Star 4/5): Promotions and salary increases may be on the cards, if you do not let miscommunication get in the way. Practice active listening to prevent conflicts and jumping to conclusions. When it comes to investments, take a balanced approach.
Relationships (Star 3/5): Singles will have opportunities to mingle and meet potential partners. Those in committed relationships should set clear boundaries with co-workers.
Health (Star 2/5): Don’t delay gastrointestinal and eye procedures this year. Stay vigilant when travelling to avoid accidents and injury.

Monkey – Ranking 10/12

Career (Star 3/5): Career advancements and prosperity are possible through collaboration with business friends and associates. Diversify investments and avoid high-stakes gambling to ensure long-term stability. Sidestep petty gossip and ethical disputes, as these could expose you to legal issues.
Relationship (Star 2/5): Those who are single could enter a new relationship or meaningful connection. Make full use of your network to enhance your social life!
Health (Star 2/5): If you are an older male, nip cardiovascular problems in the bud with stress management. Prioritise your mental health and wellbeing this year with exercise and a balanced diet.

Rooster – Ranking 5/12

Career & Wealth (Star 4/5): Collaboration could bring you opportunities for career advancement. Creating a harmonious work environment through teamwork and good interpersonal skills can increase your chances of success. Taking initiative in projects demonstrating your expertise could lead to increased visibility and recognition at work. Watch out for impulsive spending; it is a slippery slope and could cost you dearly!
Relationships (Star 4/5): Those in long-term relationships could enter marriage. Couples who are trying to conceive could be lucky this year.
Health (Star 3/5): No major health issues but watch for falls that could injure hands and feet.

Dog – Ranking 11/12

Career & Wealth (Star 3/5): Stay agile and adaptable through ups and downs. You will know when to let go of something that has completed its course. Helping others out at the workplace could bring you promotion and recognition. Expect an increase in expenditure; some Dogs may look to buy or renovate property.
Relationships (Star 1/5): Tensions and conflicts could mar interpersonal relationships, so it is important to communicate proactively with your nearest and dearest.
Health (Star 1/5): Gastrointestinal and skin issues may flare up, and women could face gynaecological issues. Elderly members of the family should be given extra TLC.

Pig – Ranking 1/12

Career & Wealth (Star 4/5): A good year to network. Encounters with influential individuals could open doors to career opportunities in leadership roles. There is good fortune on the financial front if you engage with ethical products and people; play the long game.
Relationships (Star 4/5): Singles could find a life partner this year, as there will be opportunities for entering new connections. Married couples will see their relationship flourish. For those who want to expand their families, this is a good year to try for a baby.
Health (Star 4/5): There are signs of possible issues with the urinary system and the risk of water retention this year, so stay well hydrated. Women should get their gynaecological issues checked if they persist.