Non-surgical butt augmentation for men and women according to Dr Elias Tam, EHA Clinic

By Dr Elias Tam, EHA Clinic

Why do women come to you for butt fillers are they just looking for a bigger bottom? Or do they have other reasons.

It is not so much about the increased size, although that is a factor for some very slim Asian women, but more about shaping and lifting the buttocks. However as with all aesthetic procedures it is not just about changing how someone looks, it is often just as much about changing how they feel about themselves. Whether it is a buttock augmentation or the removing of a mole or the plumping of lips, addressing whatever the physical issue the patients perceive often also results in an increase in self-confidence.

What sort of different results can you achieve with fillers?

Everyone’s bottom is different, some women want to make the top of the butt fuller and higher; the classic jeans butt. Some want to make their butts firmer; as we age we lose skin and muscle tone which can make the butt sag a little. Other people want a more symmetrical butt; many people have one cheek slightly lower than the other for instance. In general we are looking for a perky symmetrical appearance.

What is the average age of the women you have treated?

Most of my patients are between 20-50 years old.

How long before a patient can sit down after the procedure?

It is not so much when you sit down as how you sit down that is important. After the procedure the patient should make sure they sit upright with their hips and pelvis underneath them and their shoulders back. The sort or ergonomically correct position recommended for everyone working at a desk job.

What a patient should not do is sit slumped back in their chair with their hips and pelvis forward of their body and their weight on the top of the bottom. That sort of position is bad for our backs anyway but can also put pressure on fresh fillers which could distort or shift them slightly.

If you have a job that requires you to sit all day it might be wise to take the next day off and to try to sleep on your tummy for the first night or two to allow the fillers to settle and as your bottom might be a little tender.

When did this trend start in Singapore?

The Health Sciences Authorities of Singapore approved Macrolane, the only hyaluronic acid (HA) filler approved for body treatments, in 2013.

In your practice, how many women have asked for butt enhancement?

We usually get enquiries for butt enhancement about once or twice a week.

Are there any side effects to having it injected in your body?

The safety of Macrolane has been thoroughly evaluated according to all relevant international standards for medical devices. The HA in Macrolane is of non-animal origin, thus removing any risk of diseases transmitted by animals; it is produced, purified and stabilised in the laboratory and as HA occurs naturally in the human body the body does not react to it.

Since Q-Med first launched NASHA™ technology products in 1996 there have been more than 20 million procedures using NASHA™ products in more than 70 countries around the world and no harmful or permanent side effects have been reported.

What are all the possible side effects of this procedure?

The treated area can feel a little sore and sensitive for a few days and there may be slight soreness or swelling at the injection site. The gel can sometimes irritate adjacent tissue by placing pressure on them and cause a slight inflammation. This is a normal and expected reaction to any injectable. Non-prescription, over the counter pain and or anti-inflammatory medication such as aspirin or paracetamol is usually sufficient to relieve the discomfort.

Occasionally a patient can cause the filler to shift slightly by applying too much pressure on the filled area in the first 24 to 48 hours after it has been injected and before it completely settles in place. This is usually done by sleeping or sitting for a prolonged period in an awkward position or from massaging or rubbing the filled area too vigorously. However the doctor can often massage it back into position if the patient returns before it settles. Failing that the doctor can simply dissolved the HA with hyaluronidase and then re-inject fresh fillers in its place.

Of course, as with any other kind of medical procedure there are always possible risks such as an allergic reaction to the local anaesthetic or an infection of the injection site but these are very unlikely.

What happens when the woman does not like her new bottom? Can the procedure be immediately reversed? If not, how long would she have to wait before the her bottom goes back to her original shape?

The advantage of HA fillers like Macrolane over more permanent fillers and even fat grafting is that if the patient is not happy with the result of the procedure for any reason, the fillers can be easily and quickly dissolved with an injection of hyaluronidase.

How long does the procedure last? If the woman wants her new butt to be permanent, what are her options?

It varies from patient to patient depending on age, build, lifestyle etc but on average the aesthetic improvement usually lasts up to one year. The HA will break down over time as part of a normal process in the body.

To maintain the aesthetic effect, re-treatment is generally needed nine to 12 months after the initial injection but such maintenance treatments usually require less volume of the HA gel than the initial treatment injection so are a little less expensive.



Dr Elias Tam, EHA Clinic, general practitioner and aesthetic physician with over 20 years’ experience. He is also a trainer for Dysport botulinum toxin injections