April brings improvement in general health for most signs, according to Chinese metaphysics consultant and life transformational coach, Esther Chook.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is for informational purposes only, and does not intend to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult a medical professional or healthcare provider if you’re seeking medical advice, diagnoses or treatment for your health condition.


Tigers born in February, March and April will experience an improvement in their overall well being by leaps and bounds. July and August babies should guard against dehydration and insomnia as temperatures rise. Tiger children will become hyperactive and easily distracted, leading to loss of sleep and overheating. Staying hydrated is important this month.

Ensure you have enough rest this month, or you may get easily agitated and be more prone to headaches and migraines. It is a good time to indulge in some much-needed R&R, so book your tickets!



Rabbit adults and children can expect an overall improvement of their health as the sluggishness of the previous month fades away. March babies should pay close attention to their digestive system, as they may experience some discomfort due to poor digestion and flatulence. Rabbits may start craving for more attention from those around them and feel neglected when they don’t receive it.




Dragons, particularly those born in February, March and April, will see an improvement in their overall health, with the exception of some minor bowel irritation which can be easily managed with a good diet. However, feelings of laziness and lethargy could get in the way of accomplishing important tasks, so it is important to try and keep energy levels up.

Dragon children may find themselves more easily confused or lack focus this month, particularly when doing their day-to-day activities. Fret not, as this will pass!



There are no significant health concerns for Snakes in April except for minor issues with the skin and lungs. This may be a time to make adjustments to your skincare regimen, and introduce some breathing meditation into your routine. As you will feel highly motivated, you may take on more responsibilities more easily, but be careful not to stretch yourself too thin.

Parents will find, to their relief, their children mellowing down from the previous month.  Children born in May, June or July could also be more prone to catching a cold or a flu.



April is generally a great month for Horses and they will see a significant improvement in health and mood as sleep quality improves. Women born in April, May and June may experience more severe pre-menstrual symptoms such as cramps, breast tenderness and headaches. But fret not, it’s an excellent time to socialise as you will find fulfillment from being in the company of your loved ones, so don’t hesitate to accept that invitation to brunch. Horse children will also enjoy play dates with their nearest and dearest.



The Goat’s overall health is better than that of all the other animal signs. Past gastrointestinal issues will improve if not resolve, although more slowly for those born in February, March, April, July and December. Your mood will improve, and you will find yourself less irritable. Goat children will also experience improvements in their diet and energy levels this month.



Several health issues, such as lower back and knee pain, poor libido and low stamina may appear this month. Women born in April, August and December may also experience some hormonal imbalance. Overall, anxiety levels are likely to rise too, so make sure to take frequent breaks, and give yourself some time and space to unwind from your day to day activities.

Parents may want to pay closer attention to their Monkey children as they will be more prone to falls and accidents. They could also become anxious, which may affect their mood, appetite and/or sleep.


Ear, nose and throat issues come to the fore for the Rooster this month. Those born in August, September and October may also struggle with sinuses and allergies, while those born in May, June and July could experience constipation. Roosters may find it a struggle to express themselves and become very critical or cynical as a result. Catch yourself before you go down a rabbit hole! If negative thoughts persist and interfere with your day to day life, seek out a professional mental health expert.

Rooster children may also experience difficulties expressing their emotions well and swing to extremes – they might rebel or completely withdraw from social activities.



Pay close attention to your gut health this month; those born in February, March, April and October may experience mental and physical fatigue, and muscle weakness, as well as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), gastritis or bloating due to water retention. You might be experiencing a change in your environment – perhaps an office move, or a change in residence – which might cause your anxiety to go on overdrive.

The change in the environment could cause Dog children to experience emotional turmoil, and parents will need to offer a listening ear, and help them understand and navigate the terrain.



A generally positive month for Pigs. Those born in November, December and January may experience minor issues such as knee and lower back pain, urinary retention and vertigo, but if you have been taking care of yourself with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you need not worry. You may also feel fearful about embarking on something new.

Parents should help their Pig children to work through their fears and anxieties this month, although for most children, this will not pose a major issue.



The lower back pain, bladder pain, urinary incontinence, vertigo, headaches, and vision issues from the previous month may continue to linger. Those born in April, August, November, and December must be especially careful as they will be more susceptible to developing these problems, if they have not already. Feelings of confusion and loss are likely to persist too.

Rat children may require more attention and understanding from their parents as they will feel like fish out of water, particularly when starting something new. They may also develop health issues related to their genital area.



Ox women born in August, September and October should pay closer attention to their pre-menstrual symptoms such as abdominal cramps, and they may also experience dizziness or vision problems. May, June and July babies may develop ulcers, throat infections and headaches. It’s a good time to visit your regular masseuse to help ease the build-up of stress and tension in your neck and shoulders. You may not be feeling optimistic this month, and may find yourself slipping into a victim mindset in certain situations. Surround yourself with positive people!