The Hungry Ghost Month is upon us in August, but for some it appears to be a less daunting month compared to the previous, according to Chinese metaphysics consultant and life transformational coach, Esther Chook. Her advice is to keep stressors at bay, and participate in activities that can boost the endorphins, serotonin and dopamine in your system.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is for informational purposes only, and does not intend to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult a medical professional or healthcare provider if you’re seeking medical advice, diagnoses or treatment for your health condition.


If you have pre-existing asthma, respiratory issues or allergies, you may experience a recurrence of these issues in August. Urinary retention and lower back pain can be problematic for some. If you find yourself overwhelmed with intense feelings of stress, frustration or jealousy, seek out ways to discharge them such as through therapy or vigorous exercise, rather than bottling them up.




The Rabbit should be cautious of asthma, lung infections and coughs, rashes, diarrhoea, and constipation this month. If possible avoid situations that could make you feel sad, as the sadness could rub off on you; otherwise, activities such as exercising and listening to your favourite music can boost your dopamine levels. Rabbit children may also be more stubborn than usual and prone to tantrums.





Older Dragons, or Dragons born in April, August and December, may experience some urinary problems, water retention or lack of appetite. Managing stress levels may be challenging this month, and you may also be plagued by more doubts and fears than usual, so surround yourself with uplifing, positive people. Exercises, yoga, hiking or swimming can help you relax.




Those born in January, November and December may experience abdominal distension, poor appetite, lethargy, water retention, joint pain, and bloating. Snakes may not be in a good headspace either, and are prone to overthinking, anxiety, and insecurity. Take more frequent breaks from your daily routine, incorporate some light exercises into your day, or catch up with a good friend to boost your mood. Snake children will crave attention and validation from their parents, which could manifest as angry outbursts and fist fights.




Horses born in January, November and December may experience problems such as insomnia or disrupted sleep and an increase in anxiety levels. Those with pre-existing urinary problems could develop urinary infection and bleeding. To regulate your bladder, increase your water intake, and cut back on caffeine and alcohol, and if that does not help, consult a urologist.



Fortunately, Goats have quite a good month. They may however experience a recurrence of pre-existing problems with regards to the abdominal region, rise in body temperature, and suffer from a lack of mental clarity. Getting sufficient rest, meditating, and practising mindfulness could help with the latter.




Monkeys, particularly those born in February and August, may suffer from issues related to the skin and respiratory system, as well as lower back problems this month. You may also be more prone to leg injuries and accidents while exercising or travelling, so watch your step. Don’t make big decisions in anger or frustration. Children under this sign may demand more attention and validation from their parents this month.




If you’re a Rooster born in January, November, or December, you could experience issues associated with the reproductive organs, so take a break if trying for a baby. Other health issues related to vision and hearing may also arise, and you may develop ear infections and vertigo. Rooster children may be less confident and more fearful when taking on tasks, so parents should be supportive and encouraging.




Like Goats, Dogs too will have a good month. Some may experience mild issues involving rise in body temperature, shortness of breath, and short-term memory loss or inability to retain information, but it’s nothing a good night’s sleep and some relaxation cannot fix!





Pigs will generally fare well in August. However, those born in January, November or December may experience issues with their reproductive organs, and lower abdominal pain, and urinary problems. You may also find yourself extra restless or on edge this month. Practising good sleep hygiene, such as keeping electronics out of the bedroom at bedtime, may help ease some of this anxiety.



Aches and pains could plague Rats who are born in April, August and December. Some may also experience poor libido or fertility issues, so take a break if trying for a baby. If you find yourself feeling more anxious, insecure, fearful, and paranoid, perhaps it’s time to book yourself that much-needed massage or simply enjoy some laughs with a friend. Children may also benefit from more time spent playing outdoors.





In August, the Ox may be prone to issues like blurred vision, dizziness, tinnitus, and ear infections. Women born under this sign could experience menstrual problems such as heavy bleeding, spotting or painful cramps. Your ‘fight or flight mode’ may be activated more often than usual this month, causing you to feel more on edge, and subsequently, more exhausted. Calm those nerves with deep breathing exercises, or even talking to someone close.