“A person who feels beautiful is more confident and performs better in all areas of life,” says Eileen Seah, the creative director of Paramedics Aesthetics.

Getting Inspiredeileenseah@wk2

“My foray into the world of cosmetics began when I was spending my school holidays working as a receptionist in a beauty salon. There, I was fascinated with how makeup can enhance not only one’s outward appearance but also confidence, which inspired me to pursue my passion in the beauty industry.”

Twenty years of honing her skills in the beauty industry has led her to fill the position of creative director at Paramedic Aesthetics today. Paramedic Aesthetics is Singapore’s first and only beauty salon that offers cutting-edge semi-permanent makeup for reconstructive and cosmetic purposes. Eileen is unquestionably determined to empower people through beauty.

Inspired by Changing Lives

Eileen believes that when a person looks good, he or she would feel good as well. She declares that her customers are her biggest cheerleaders on her journey to improve herself as a beautician. Eileen recalls, “One customer with a specific skin condition expressed to me that I have changed her life after I performed a procedure on her. She is still my customer today, having been with me for over a decade.”

The Consummate Professional

“I’m on the constant quest to increase my knowledge of the beauty industry and upgrade my skills, while ensuring that my team is equipped with the right skills and catering to the different needs and demands of our customers. A healthy work environment makes for happy, positive-thinking co-workers who will in turn provide excellent customer service.”

Eileen’s Personal Beauty Tips

  1. Never sleep with your makeup on. Clean your face thoroughly before bed, ensuring not to leave any makeup residue.
  2. Drink lots of water
  3. Don’t wait till you are starving before you start thinking of having your meal or you might overeat!
  4. Instead of having three square meals, have seven smaller meals instead.
  5. Apply SPF sunscreen on your skin regularly.


ESPhoto Credits: Paramedic Aesthetics