A performance artist, entrepreneur, aesthetics doctor and makeup artist share their personal beauty practices from nutrition, to skincare and mental wellness. 


Sarah Lian, 38, Malaysia
Entrepreneur, Actress, Managing Director and Founder of SuppaGood

Share with us your daily skincare routine.
“In the morning I use a light cleansing foam, followed by a toning mist. Then I use a gel hydrator, and a SPF 40 PA++ sunscreen which has a light gel consistency.

If I’m prepping for a photoshoot, then I might use a sheet mask and massage my face. Otherwise my morning skincare routine is quite simple, with a focus on anti-ageing and hydration.

Before bed I try to do a little more; I remove any makeup and cleanse my skin, then apply a wrinkle spot treatment, a lifting and firming eye cream, and a hydrator with hyaluronic acid. I also apply a retinol serum before any creams; my focus is on anti-wrinkle, tightening and firming.”

Share with us your overall approach to wellness and looking good from the inside out.
“I try to exercise regularly, such as with my Technogym bike, and since the pandemic I’ve been enjoying going outside with my dog. I try to go plant-based during the week, drink a lot of water, and avoid too much processed foods and snacking. I have found by getting lots of nutrients and fibre into my diet, I experience fewer breakouts and feel less ‘heaty’, which gives me the feeling my body is feeling nourished and functioning optimally.

With the challenging time we’ve have had with the pandemic, I’ve tried my best to practice an abundance mindset, and look out for the good in everything. While running a company I’m also figuring things out myself every day, and I protect myself from negativity by finding encouragement and inspiration in what others are achieving. Self-love and self-validation can go a long way, and it’s a bonus if I get compliments from others.”


Sha Shamsi, 50, Singapore
Professional Makeup Artist, Former Model

Share with us your morning & evening skincare routine.
“This might surprise many people because of my profession, but I actually don’t have an elaborate skincare routine! I’m a little old school, and while I do makeup professionally, I don’t like having too much makeup on my own skin. In the morning I just wash my face with a drugstore cleanser, and in the evening I shower and wash my face again before bed, and try not to sleep with air-conditioning which can dry out the skin.”

Share with us your overall approach to wellness and looking good from the inside out.
Since I was 16, my mother instilled in me the practice of drinking juice at least once a week; a combination of orange, carrot, tomato and pineapple juice.

To manage stress after a long day, I try to unwind by going for a massage when I can find the time. I also like listening to some podcasts such as by Gary V (Vaynerchuk) , and there’s an Instagram page called goalcast which I follow for its stories on people who have survived, in fact thrived in spite of living through difficulties.

To be honest before the pandemic I was overworked and very nearly burned out. I’ve taken the opportunity to rest during the 18 months of the pandemic, with my kids and family reminding me of my true purpose.

My state of mind has also changed the way I do makeup for others; I’ve been simplifying my makeup process, and I think it’s beautiful to see my celebrity and artist clients become more comfortable with themselves and how they look in front of the camera.”


Suhaili Micheline, 36, Malaysia
Dance Studio Owner and Performance Artist

Share with us your skincare routine.
“An essential step for me before even heading to the bathroom in the morning is to drink a glass of water. This is when I feel my whole system start to function; my blood starts flowing, my skin feels plump again after a night of sleeping, and I feel pumped and regenerated.

Also, I have stopped using facial wash in the morning, and only rinse my face with tap water. I then tone my face, and apply a serum, a day cream and a sunscreen lotion with SPF 30. A few days a week I use a vitamin C moisturiser, and if I’m going for a morning outdoor run I’ll apply sunscreen on my body too.

In the evening, after washing my face I’ll use a serum and a lifting cream, and occasionally a renewal oil. Once a week I’ll even treat myself to a face spa, as I use a set of products that come with gadgets to brush and massage my skin, and I’ll even get my husband to do them with me to make it more fun.”

Share with us your overall approach to wellness and looking good from the inside out.
“I never used to like eating greens but as an adult I love my vegetables and have even started growing my own; I had never expected to be a ‘crazy plant lady’! I have learned to appreciate the simplicity of a salad, and I can almost see how the nutrients from my fruits and veggies have improved the elasticity of my skin.

For people with an active lifestyle like me, there are so many things to care about such as the impact of tight sports bras and compression wear on the skin, to how I may be creating strain on my scalp from tying my hair too tightly. I’ve found that showering as soon as I finish a workout – rather than sitting around in sweaty clothes – helps me wind and cool down,  and allows my skin to breathe at the end of day.

To unwind, I turn on my air purifier and put on a peaceful meditation playlist to help me tune into my breathing before bed. The pandemic has also given me an opportunity to get into art, and I’ve even gifted my artwork to others, which makes me happy.”


Dr Juliana Latif, 39, Singapore
Medical Director at Fusion Medical Health Screening & Aesthetic Centre

Share with us your skincare routine.
“Living in Singapore where most of us sleep with air-conditioning throughout the night, my morning skincare focuses on not stripping my skin of its natural moisture.

I use a gentle and hydrating milk cleanser, pat my face dry then apply a vitamin C serum which is a brightening antioxidant. I then apply a gel-based moisturizer which is not cakey, does not clog the pores and therefore more suitable for our humid weather. Plus I use an SPF 50 PA++++.

In the evening I double cleanse to remove residual makeup and products that have been sitting on my skin all day; first with a foam cleanser, and then with a milk cleanser. I find the best time to moisturize is straight out of the shower and I prefer creams over serums as I find they are better at holding in moisture. Once or twice a week I also use a hydrating mask to control fine lines; I’m focusing on anti-ageing in my skincare as I’m approaching my 40s, and fine lines will show up more on dry skin.”

Share with us your overall approach to wellness and looking good from the inside out.
“I strongly believe your skin reflects your inner health. Instead of a daily multivitamin, I try to get my vitamins and minerals from the food I eat, so I load up on colourful fruits and vegetables. It can be easy to forget to hydrate when I’m busy in the day, so when I remember I force myself to drink a glass of water. I also try to sleep a minimum of six to seven hours a night.

Stress is a pro-inflammatory process that breaks down collagen in the skin, which if sustained over long periods can accelerate ageing. To manage stress, I walk around my neighbourhood with my husband and son nearly every day, without our devices, to really spend time together while also getting exercise which improves my mood.

Last year in 2020, I was actually diagnosed with breast cancer, and underwent months of treatment that included surgery, chemo- and radiotherapy. I was fortunate to have access to treatments that improved my skin, when it was not looking great as I was unwell.

Since then, I’ve been advocating for more people to get regular health screenings, and not delay checkups; after all, it was a routine screening that saved my life.”