It seems that most of animal signs are headed for a fairly comfortable and healthy year-end, except for some born in November, December and January, shares Chinese metaphysics consultant and life transformational coach, Esther Chook.

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Tigers born in November, particularly those who have compromised or low immunity might experience chills, colds, fevers, runny noses and body aches, and allergic reactions. Listen to your body and avoid spreading yourself too thin with work or social commitments. Those with asthma should also pay close attention to triggers.




Rabbits can look forward to a comfortable month. However, those born in March and June may be at risk of mild abdominal pain, swelling, water retention, joint tightness, numbness and cramps, and loose stools.




Dragons born in April, December and September may be at risk of abdominal problems including stomach aches, nausea, loss of appetite, and loose stools especially if you have had an unhealthy diet. If you experience these problems, cut back on highly processed foods and alcohol, and try to reduce stress levels by getting more rest.




If you‘re born in May or March, you may experience a vicious cycle of poor eating habits leading to abdominal distension and vice versa, tiredness, weakness of the limbs, and indigestion. Those with existing joint issues may have to deal with joint pain especially if you have been neglecting it. Elderly individuals with heart-related issues should keep a lookout for lower-limb swelling; seek medical advice if necessary.




Horses, particularly those born in June and July, are expected to experience short-term memory loss, palpitations, insomnia, chills and tiredness.  You may feel more timid and less assertive.



Goats have a generally good month. However, if you’re born in March, June and November you may face mild lower abdominal pain, limb discomfort and numbness, cramps, or watery stools. Women may experience more intense period cramps and other PMS symptoms.




Monkeys born in April, September and December may have develop joints, weak knees, lower back pain and frequent urination. They may also experience fluctuations in body temperature, chills or hot flashes. They may also experience some ‘holiday blues’, and not feel like joining any social events or year-end parties. Reaching out to a good friend or getting involved in social work might help alleviate some of these feelings.




Roosters born in October and December could experience minor cold-like symptoms, including dry throat. They may also be at risk of lower back pain, weak lower limbs, dizziness, tinnitus, vertigo and frequent urination at night.



Dogs can look forward to a comfortable month this December. However, those with pre-existing health issues or who have been recently infected with COVID-19 could experience its lingering after-effects. Hydrate and allow time for deep rest.





Pigs born in November, December and January may have cold feet and difficulty regulating their body temperature. They may experience a lack of focus and feel more paranoid. Deep breathing or meditation could help calm the mind and alleviate any anxiety.



Rats who are born in November, December and January, may experience back pain, vertigo, bladder problems, headaches, and vision issues. Seek medical advice if any of these issues persist or worsen.




If you’re born in November, December or January, you could be at risk of joint stiffness, eye or vision-related issues, rhinitis and muscle cramps. Those with existing joint issues, particularly the elderly, must exercise more caution to preserve their mobility. Engaging in regular light to moderate exercise can keep joints and muscles in good shape.