Moisturiser is a must-have in every skincare routine, even in the tropics!

Denizens of the tropics are simultaneously exposed to the heat and humidity of the outdoors and the dry air-conditioned environments of their homes, which can wreak havoc on the skin.

On one hand, hot, humid weather can increase the skin’s oil production, making it more prone to acne and breakouts. Air-conditioned environments have the opposite effect of robbing the skin of its moisture, which could lead to dullness and wrinkles.

One way to counter the effects of diametrically different environments on the skin is to moisturize! The type of moisturizer you use depends on your skin type as much as the weather your skin is exposed to.

Use lighter, oil-free moisturisers in hot, humid environments

Oil-free moisturisers such as the Bema Combination Skin Organic Face Cream and the Bema Vanity Routine Sebum-Balancing Serum, can avoid triggering breakouts.

Hot, humid weather may increase oil and sebum production, but it doesn’t mean you should skip the moisturizer in your skincare regimen.

A good moisturizer for oily skin is one that does not add oil to the skin, but draws in or traps water in the stratum corneum — the skin’s outermost layer — and keeping it hydrated. So if you’re living in the tropics and have acne-prone skin, using lighter, oil-free moisturisers such as the Bema Combination Skin Organic Face Cream and the Bema Vanity Routine Sebum-Balancing Serum, can avoid triggering breakouts. The natural alpha-hydroxy acids, avocado and green tea in the Combination Skin Organic Face Cream work synergistically to keep skin hydrated and reduce shine, while the red algae and spirea ulmaria extracts in the Vanity Routine Sebum-Balancing Serum balance excess sebum while purifying oily skin.

Use thicker, creamier products in air-conditioned environments

Dry air in air-conditioned environments can suck the moisture and life out of our skin, causing it to appear ashy, sallow, tired, and wrinkled. / Photo by Dreamstime

If you have dry skin and are often exposed to air-conditioning, thicker, creamier products such as the Bema Deep Moisturizing Organic Face Cream effectively nourishes skin while protecting it against dryness and stress. Formulated with matricaria flower, jojoba seed oil and occlusive ingredients, such as candelilla wax, this face cream reactivates the skin’s hydration mechanism and collagen-boosting action to protect against discomfort and signs of ageing. Occlusives are moisturizing agents which form a protective layer on the surface of your skin, creating a barrier to prevent moisture loss.

Always use sunscreen

In tropical countries with high ultraviolet (UV) radiation all year round, sunscreen is the go-to protection against skin cancer and ageing. However, layering many products on skin that has been exposed to hot and humid weather can lead to excessive oil production, blackheads and breakouts.

The Bema High Protection Sun Cream is an excellent two-in-one moisturizer and sunscreen system, offering broad-spectrum SPF50 protection. Extracts of Argan oil, aloe, and glycerin in the formulation leave the skin supple, fresh, and silky, while Kakadu plum, acerola, mate, and a mix of vitamins act as antioxidants to prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation.

All Bema products are clean and green, packaged only with recyclable materials, and formulated with ingredients harvested from wild, organic sources.

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Featured photo by Dreamstime.

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