The sweltering heat shows no signs of relenting, causing most animal signs to become more agitated, impatient, and temperamental, according to the readings of Chinese metaphysics consultant and life transformational coach, Esther ChookContinue to practise meaningful self-care, give yourself breaks, and ensure you drink plenty of water!

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Things are getting heated for the Tiger – literally! The hot weather can cause issues such as palpitations, excessive sweating, dry cough, chest pain, and dry nose, especially for those born in February and October. Negative emotions will tend to bubble up and manifest either as sadness and withdrawal from others, or as anger and temper tantrums. Parents of Tiger children will have to be more patient and calm, and encourage their children to express their emotions, and not bottle them up.




Unlike most other animal signs, the Rabbit will have a relatively easy month. Those born in February, March and April may face mild skin issues such as acne, as well as the occasional migraine or dizziness if they have existing blood pressure or cardiovascular related issues. Otherwise, things should be rather smooth sailing.





It is generally a decent month for the Dragon. If you are born in February, March or April you may experience some muscle soreness and fatigue; a sign you need to manage your stress levels more effectively. This means resisting the temptation of slipping into bad habits that give you short-term relief such as binge-shopping, binge-drinking, or smoking. Instead, give yourself a break from daily routine and go on a short getaway to recharge.




Those born in May, June and July could experience poor short-term memory, palpitations, insomnia and dizziness which can be caused or exacerbated by poor diet and lifestyle choices. It’s important to ensure you stay hydrated, get adequate rest, and eat regular and balanced meals. Both adults and children under this sign will be prone to losing their temper this month, so it is important to find positive outlets for these emotions; a long walk or run might just do the trick.




The hot weather does not bode well for the Horse. They could become highly anxious, agitated and more aggressive this month, which could lead to heart palpitations, and lapses in memory. Those with pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease must learn to discharge their stress, and keep a cool head under pressure, or suffer dire consequences! To slow down, take up a relaxing activity such as gardening, painting, or bird-watching.



In general, the Goat has a smoother month than most. Some may experience minor issues related to the respiratory system and exhibit symptoms such as frequent thirst, tongue ulcers and a bitter, metallic taste in their mouth when they eat. Drinking plenty of water may help keep these problems at bay. The Goat may also be more impatient and temperamental than usual, and tempted to make rash decisions. To avoid regrets, it’s wise to spend more time planning and avoid jumping to conclusions.




Monkeys, especially those born in December and April, may experience mild bladder-related problems such as frequent urination, particularly if they are already on medications for high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease. Those with eczema or atopic dermatitis can expect more frequent and/or intense flare-ups due to the heat. If you do any vigorous exercise, spend more time stretching before and after exercise, as you could be more prone to joint pains and chills. Monkey children must be extra careful about contracting Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD).




The Rooster will feel highly agitated this month. As a result, they could experience palpitations, night sweats, insomnia, and disturbed sleep patterns. Rooster women who are going through menopause may also experience intense hot flashes. Dry mouth as well as ulcers in the mouth and throat may also surface. Staying well hydrated and keeping a cool head is crucial in this hot weather!




June isn’t a great month for Dogs, as they may be prone to chest pain, dry cough, nose bleeds, muscle tension and excessive sweating. Those with allergies such as eczema or respiratory issues such as asthma could encounter a relapse. Both adults and children may have a hard time expressing themselves, leading to sudden emotional outbursts and temper tantrums, or emotional withdrawal. Parents must exercise more patience and help their child navigate these feelings more constructively, instead of bottling them up or ignoring them.





June is a better month for the Pig, but keep a lookout for mild recurring issues such as back pain or muscle tension, which can be eased with a visit to your favourite masseuse. Adults and children born under this sign may come across more reserved than usual, but this is a sign of them contemplating and conserving energy, and is not a cause for alarm.




Rats, particularly those born in December, must pay close attention to their heart and chest as they could experience sudden pains, heart attacks or angina. Some may also experience cold feet, back pain and swollen lower limbs. Women who are trying to conceive shouldn’t put too much pressure on themselves this month, as they may have poor sexual function and lower libido. The Rat will also struggle to voice their thoughts and express their emotions, causing them to potentially boil over and explode if their concerns are not sufficiently addressed. It’s important to find a positive outlet for these emotions; consider speaking to a counselor or therapist or get in touch with a local peer support group.





Ox people seem to be on an even keel this month, except for those born in January and June, who may experience some anxiety, dizziness, and disturbed sleep. Parents may need to be more patient and supportive of their Ox child as they will be more anxious than usual, and this can appear as hyperactive and agitated behaviour, or emotional withdrawal.