From March 2022, Chinese metaphysics consultant and life transformational coach, Esther Chook will be offering general predictions for health and family life for all the 12 animal signs in the Chinese zodiac.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is for informational purposes only, and does not intend to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult a medical professional or healthcare provider if you’re seeking medical advice, diagnoses or treatment for your health condition.


You may be feeling exhausted as you emerge from February, which was the Grand Duke’s (Jupiter) month, but fret not! March sees your energy levels being restored, although those born in May, June, July and October, may recover more slowly. Pay attention if you have irritable, dry or sensitive skin, as your skin may need the extra TLC this month. You may also experience headaches, dry mouth, and stiffness in your shoulders.

Having your energy replenished is great for driving and executing your plans! Parents can expect children born under this sign to be more expressive, so give them the space to do so.


Rabbits born in February and March may feel sluggish or tired in spite of long hours of rest. You may also have poor appetite and experience flatulence. Women may feel PMS symptoms such as cramps, headaches, tender breasts more acutely this month compared to previous months, which may lead to emotional outbursts!

Rabbit children may be more picky at mealtimes, not eat at regular times, and complain of upset tummies. Young children may also become more clingy or anxious when separated from their parents, or act out in ways to attract attention, but they are only doing so as they want to feel secure and supported.


Dragons are not likely to experience any significant health-related problems this month, except for minor stomach or gastrointestinal issues. Dragons born in March and April may feel neglected or bullied by others, or feel upset at the lack of support from family and friends; this is an opportunity to review your closest friendships and associate yourself with positive people.

Dragon children may become more demanding or prefer to spend time alone. Look out for signs in their behaviour that may indicate they are feeling neglected or abandoned.


Those born in November and December will experience better health compared to the past few months, while those born in May, June, and July, will have to pay attention to cardiovascular or blood-related issues, such as heart palpitations. Go for health screenings to nip health conditions in the bud!

Those with young children can expect their children to become more active, which is not a bad thing! Children born in May, June and July, are prone to becoming hyperactive, and if so, ensure they have sufficient rest.


Those who have been experiencing anxiety and poor sleep will sleep better and breathe easier this month. Heart health, circulation, and eye health are also expected to improve. However women born in June and October could experience hormonal imbalances which may present as more pronounced PMS symptoms which can affect sleep.

Your relationship with your partner and family members will improve, and you will feel generally more upbeat and optimistic. Children born under this sign will also be in a better mood than before, so parents should seize this opportunity to build stronger bonds with their Horse children. Children born in June and October, however, may display fear or doubt when trying out new things, so show them some encouragement.


Those born in February, March, April, July and December may experience gastrointestinal issues such as abdominal bloating or diarrhoea, which may lead to poor appetite and lethargy, so be extra careful of your diet this month. Lethargy could make you irritable, so it’s important to find ways to stabilise your mood and rest up whenever you can.

Parents should pay close attention to their Goat children’s diet, as they may become pickier at mealtimes, and miss out on essential nutrients.


An uneventful month for Monkeys, other than the sniffles. Those born in August and September may experience bone-related issues, and parents should keep a closer eye on children who are born under this sign as they are more prone to injuring their feet.


Roosters may experience respiratory-related issues such as a cough or sore throat, and may be more prone to sinus infections. Those with a history of allergies or sensitive or inflammatory skin conditions could experience more frequent and intense flare-ups. Emotionally, you may feel vulnerable from challenges in expressing yourself and setting boundaries.

Rooster children may start to rebel, so give them safe ways to express themselves and find opportunities to work out compromises. Bottling up their feelings will only lead to emotional outbursts, and in some cases, allergy or sensitive skin flare-ups, especially for those born from February to July.


You may experience headaches, poor concentration, a general feeling of anxiety, and lethargy this month, which could lead to poor sleep and irritability.

Children under this sign who are born in February, October, and June, will become more hyperactive. While parents should allow Rooster children to expend their energy and express themselves, they should also ensure they have adequate rest.


Those born in March and July may experience a dip in energy, bloating, excessive sweating, swollen or varicose veins, as well as digestive issues such as gastric reflux and indigestion. You may find it challenging to focus and remember dates and names of people, which may lead to frustration and obsession. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to help when you’re feeling off!

Children born under this sign may also experience stomach and digestive issues. They may be easily distracted and have trouble concentrating, so instead of forcing them to power through a single activity for hours at a time, introduce activities in short bursts.


Those born in November and December under this sign may experience lower back pain, bladder pain, vertigo, headaches, vision issues and urinary incontinence. Women may feel their PMS symptoms more acutely this month, so practise a little more self-care! Rats may feel lost, unable to make decisions, or like you’re taken advantage of, and unable to stand your ground at the work place, so look out for allies to support you.

Parents should look out for signs in their Rat children if they are being bullied or bullying others in school or other social settings.


A pretty uneventful month for Ox people in general, although those born in November and December will notice an improvement in their overall health. Not only will your energy levels climb, you’ll be able to concentrate on your tasks whether you’re at work or in school. Parents can expect their Ox children to do better at school, too!