May turns up the heat for most animal signs as various health issues come to the fore, according to Chinese metaphysics consultant and life transformational coach, Esther Chook. Many of you may feel more irritable and anxious than usual, so remember to give yourself breaks, practise meaningful self-care, and keep your appointments with your mental health professionals.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is for informational purposes only, and does not intend to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult a medical professional or healthcare provider if you’re seeking medical advice, diagnoses or treatment for your health condition.


Tigers born in January, February or October are more prone to allergies, and are likely to experience respiratory issues throughout the month, such as asthma, wheezing, colds and coughs. They could also have indigestion, diarrhoea or constipation. June and July babies may develop hypertension and coronary artery disease, so book a health screening to ensure you’re in the clear, and monitor your blood pressure regularly at home! Tigers could feel intense sadness, grief, or anxiety this month that could get in the way of a good night’s sleep. Step away from situations and people who bring you down.




Rabbits may develop mild acne, eczema and boils, as well as eye problems. They might feel more nervous and on edge than usual, which might contribute to migraines and headaches. February, April, October and November babies may experience problems with their nasal passages and women may experience more intense pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).

Rabbit children may test their parents’ limits, so parents should equip themselves with effective ways to manage temper tantrums.




The Dragon’s heaty predisposition will make them more susceptible to catching the flu, or develop ulcers and gum disease such as gingivitis. February and March babies may also experience frequent headaches and thirst, urinate less frequently, and have trouble sleeping. Check in with yourself often to see if you are feeling all right, or if sadness, worry, fear, and anger, are often rising to the surface. Can you process and discharge these feelings on your own? Or do you need professional help?

Dragon children may experience intense emotions for no reason, and have trouble expressing them. A lack of sleep can lead to exhaustion, so help them pace themselves.



A complete change of diet is not advised this month, as Snakes are likely to experience constipation or indigestion. Pre-existing skin conditions may be more challenging to manage, and you might need to look for solutions to supplement your existing treatment regimen. June and July babies may develop phlegm build-up and inflammation in the throat, so hydrate regularly! If you’re involved in a delicate negotiation, it might help to postpone proceedings, as you’re likely to be fixed in your thinking and unable to see others’ points of view.

Children could develop a rash or dry skin, and become hyperactive this month; all the more you should incorporate breathing meditation to help you reset and clear your head.



February, May, July and October babies may experience problems with their joints, and rheumatism, arthritis and even osteoporosis. It’s also a good time to visit your dentist to rule out and fix any tooth decay. Don’t put undue pressure on yourself if you’re trying for a baby. Go easy on salty foods to avoid water retention, and be sure to hydrate regularly!

Horse children are more irritable and may seem to be complaining constantly! Offer a listening ear but also options on how to tackle their problems.



Like the Horse, the Goat too may suffer from weakness and swelling of the joints, dehydration and water retention, but to a milder extent. March and November babies may also experience digestive issues such as bloating and flatulence, as well as mild skin conditions.

Children born under this sign will find it difficult to communicate their needs this month, which could result in passive-aggressive behaviour. Parents may need to read between the lines to figure out the root of the problem.



While this is a better month for Monkeys health-wise, they will need to pay closer attention to their kidneys, joints, and blood sugar levels. April and December babies could experience fatigue, shortness of breath, and chills, and some may face mild gastrointestinal issues. September and October babies could be susceptible to liver and gall bladder-related issues including jaundice, nausea, loss of appetite and brittle nails.

Parents need to pay closer attention to Monkey children’s diet and ensure they get sufficient rest, as they could be susceptible to gastrointestinal problems and exhaustion this month.



Roosters’ health seem to be good overall. However, those born in August and October may want to watch for joint pain, and symptoms related to their liver and gall bladder function, including fatigue, yellowing of the skin, nausea and vomiting. So keep your alcohol intake in check, and postpone that big night out!  January and May babies will be prone to eye-related ailments, as well as inflammation of the sinus and rhinitis.

To avoid exhaustion and strain on their eyes, Rooster children need more rest and less screen time.




Overall, May is an okay month for Dogs. However, those born in February, March and June could experience heart palpitations, as well as irritation of the nasal cavities which may be exacerbated by cold, flu and allergic reactions. Hydrate regularly to avoid feeling light-headed or dizzy.

Children born in February, June and March will be hyperactive and engage in intense physical activity, so remind them to take regular sips of water.




A generally positive month for Pigs. November, December and January babies may experience minor knee and lower back pain, urinary retention and vertigo, but these should be transient, especially if they have been on a healthy diet and regular exercise. They may also feel fearful about embarking on something new.

Pig children may be more sensitive than usual, especially those born in February, May and August, so parents must tune in to their feelings and support them.



Rats born in January, April, August and December may experience poor appetite, exhaustion, insomnia, frequent urination (particularly at night), as well as water retention and stiffness in the joints. Diabetics must take extra care of their blood sugar levels. Fortunately those without underlying health issues will fare much better this month.

Rat children may be anxious of starting new things this month, so parents should pay close attention to the cause of their apprehension and guide them through it.




January, May and September babies can expect problems  related to the gall bladder such as mild abdominal pain, back pain (between the shoulder blades), nausea and vomiting. Others could face issues with their skin, lungs, colon or throat. Meanwhile, those born in November and December may be more prone to urinary issues.

Ox children could develop skin problems and may get strong-headed this month, so exercise patience.