The colder and wetter month seems to go by swimmingly for most animal signs, although you should keep up a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen. Chinese metaphysics consultant and life transformational coach,  Esther Chook, shares her insights.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is for informational purposes only, and does not intend to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult a medical professional or healthcare provider if you’re seeking medical advice, diagnoses or treatment for your health condition.


If you have been overworked or not getting sufficient rest, you could be headed for colds, coughs, swollen tonsils and body aches. Those who have existing joint issues such as rheumatoid arthritis or gout may experience intermittent joint pains. Otherwise, Tigers will have a generally good month.




Rabbits born in January, March, June, November and December should pay close attention to their lower extremities as they could be prone to experiencing problems with mobility, such as swelling, numbness and cramps. Avoid sitting or standing in one position for too long and get moving to improve your blood circulation. You may also experience loose stools and mild abdominal pain and feel lethargic and lack motivation this month.




Apart from minor residual issues from the previous month such as back pain, cold feet and foul breath, Dragons can generally look forward to a smooth-sailing month.




Snakes born in March and May could be grappling with gastrointestinal-related issues including tummy aches, abdominal distension, poor appetite, fatigue, weight gain and indigestion. You may also feel anxious and have trouble concentrating. Ensuring you eat at regular times and do not overindulge in overly fatty or oily foods, may be key to better health this month.




If you’re born in May or June, it’s likely you will experience an increased heart rate and palpitations triggered by certain events. Try to avoid stimulants such as caffeine and indulge in more activities to calm the nerves and mind, such as nature walks or yoga.



Goats born in March, June and November may experience mild issues with lower abdominal discomfort and numbness in the limbs. Women may experience more intense abdominal cramps or mood swings around the time of the month.




The month is generally a good one for Monkeys. However, those with pre-existing urinary problems can face a recurrence in this issue, particularly if you are born in November, December or January.




Keep a lookout for lower back pain and cold or numbness in the feet if you are born in August or September. Male Roosters could experience infertility problems such as lowered sperm count and premature ejaculation. Get moving to take the edge of work and family stress.



In general, Dogs will have a well-deserved break from health issues this month. Those born in February, May or June may experience very mild flu-like symptoms, including dry cough. Inhaling warm steam could help relieve the cough and help you expectorate if you’ve been experiencing phlegm build-up.





Pigs can expect to face a few health issues thanks to the cool and wet weather. Those born in October, November, December or January especially may experience cold flushes, cold feet, and be more prone to lower back injuries or back aches from sitting for too long. You may also feel more moody, anxious, restless and paranoid than usual so speak to someone about them when they arise.



Rats should hydrate and find new ways to manage stress, as they are prone to developing vertigo, headaches, vision issues, urinary problems and kidney stones this month, especially those born in October and December.




Those born in November, December and January may experience lingering issues from the previous month, including dizziness and blurred vision. If your insomnia returns, it is likely to be caused by a hyperactive mind. If you have ongoing arthritis or gout, pay closer attention to your diet to avoid further aggravating the condition. Women could experience more intense PMS symptoms.