Many people stay away from energy-based treatments such as CO2 fractional lasers, and injectable treatments such as hyaluronic acid fillers, as they find lasers and needles daunting.


Prof Daniel Cassuto. Photo by Elogio Asia

Enter the EnerJet2.0, a revolutionary needle-free treatment for remodelling the skin which is now available at medical aesthetic clinics in Singapore. Suitable for rejuvenating the skin around the lips, the forehead, mid-face area and delicate, hard to treat areas such as the neck, décolletage and even the back of hands, it can also improve hard to treat conditions such as acne scars, keloid scars, and even stretch marks.

Renowned Italian plastic surgeon, Dr Daniel Cassuto, who is also the Professor of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at the University of Modena, Italy, tells For Life what it’s all about. He was recently in Singapore to train aesthetic physicians on its use.

Q: What is EnerJet2.0?

EnerJet2.0 is a very simple concept. This device contains a compressor that concentrates a very tiny fluid jet that is capable of piercing the skin and dispersing into the tissues without a needle. The average entry hole brought about the fluid jet is about 200 microns of diameter which is comparable to what we call a 30-gauge needle – which is one of the finest we use in aesthetic medicine. This is revolutionary, because it enables the regeneration of all kinds of connective tissues without actually inducing any damage; ie, without inflicting a wound or a burn as we are used to seeing with other energy-based technologies.

Q: How does the EnerJet2.0 regenerate tissue without inducing damage in the skin?

EnerJet2.0 induces tissue regeneration with damage that is much, much smaller than most other energy-based devices like lasers or HIFU (ultrasound). These nanoscopic tears (smaller than a micron, less than one millionth of a metre) are a stimulus for our body to understand that our tissues need to be strengthened or regenerated. But since they are not real wounds there is no inflammatory response. Therefore, there are fewer risks of side-effects.

Q: How does it differ from handheld needle injection treatments?

When we inject with a needle, we are not able to exert too much pressure as it can be very painful or uncomfortable for our patients. The pressure is also not evenly distributed into the tissues to elicit the desired regenerative mechanism. With this particular technology, we can master the pressure and volume, which means that the human-error in depth that we often see in other kinds of injection is virtually eliminated. Additionally, it can deliver any injectable substance including hyaluronic acid (HA), botulinum toxins, as well as the traditional mix of steroids and 5-Fluorouracil (5-FU) for keloid scars. Other treatments and applications are currently in the pipeline.

Q: Can EnerJet2.0 be used in combination with more traditional injectables?

Definitely. Actually, no single treatment can address all the patients’ needs. Combining EnerJet2.0 with volume treatments is easy because the energy will stimulate the regeneration of tissues, but while waiting for that to happen, we can replace some of the volume loss by injecting hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, resulting in an optimal and complete treatment. We can also combine with Botox to treat hard-to-reach glabellar lines (lines between the eyebrows) without risking vascular complications.

Q: Is EnerJet2.0 safer to use than injectables?

Yes definitely, because most injectables are highly operator dependent. Here basically, the injection technique is so reproducible and so easy that even a technician can master it after a few shots. So even in the hands of the least experienced, a few practising shots are enough to make them able to perform the treatment without threatening any important structures such as arteries or nerves.

Q: Are there any side effects?

Actually, the only risks we have here are the lack of efficacy for the wrong indication and occasionally when we hit a superficial vein, it can have a bruise, but that’s it. Basically, no serious complications have ever been reported in nine years of use from this technology.

Q: Are any post treatment precautions?

Nothing special, just avoid makeup for 24 hours. In some applications like white stretchmarks, patients need to avoid ultraviolet (UV) light exposure.

Medical aesthetic clinics that offer EnerJet2.0 treatments include: Sozo Aesthetic Clinic Nu Reflections Fusion Medical and Aesthetic Centre IM Medical Clinic  NU.U Aesthetics Ensoul Clinic  and Ageless Medical Centre