In celebration of Mother’s Day, we round-up some highly recommended aesthetic treatments that would make ideal gifts for burnt-out Mums in need of a pick-me-up.

  1. Brighten dull and tired skin

Discovery Pico

Topical skincare products can help to moisturise and brighten the skin to an extent, but they work mainly on the superficial level. For those who desire deeper and longer-lasting skin brightening, aesthetic physicians may recommend picosecond lasers such as Discovery Pico.

“Discovery Pico works by emitting ultrashort picosecond pulses, which directly targets and shatters the pigmentation in the skin, without harming the surrounding cells or tissues. These fragmented pieces are then eliminated by the body. Discovery Pico is typically used for skin brightening, tightening of pores, reducing acne scars, lightening age spots and freckles, and even tattoo removal,” explains Dr C.H. Chin from True Clinic.

Most patients can see an immediate brightening effect on the skin post-treatment, with optimal results expected in three to four weeks post-treatment.

  1. Reverse signs of aging

Dermal hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers have become a popular choice for those who wish to reverse signs of facial aging. HA fillers such as Juvéderm can restore volume in areas with volume loss, fill in fine lines and wrinkles, and smooth the skin, while providing hydration from the inside out.

“As we age, our skin loses hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin which help keep it plump and supple. HA fillers like Juvéderm can stimulate the production of HA from within, resulting in improved elasticity and hydration, reduction of fine lines, and overall improvements in skin quality and texture,” says Dr Anna Hoo from Anna Hoo Clinic.

  1. An instant “facelift”

One of the most popular, but perhaps also the most misunderstood, aesthetic treatments is botulinum toxin A injections. Not only is it highly sought after for softening harsh lines and wrinkles on the face, aesthetic physicians also often combine toxins like Dysport with fillers to provide an instant, non-surgical facelift for patients in their 30s and 40s.

Unfortunately, many newbies fear that botulinum toxin A injections will give them frozen faces like that of the infamous Hollywood housewives. However, these are usually a result of aggressive plastic surgery combined with the over-use of fillers and toxins.

“The way doctors use toxins has changed over the years. Today our emphasis is achieving subtle and natural-looking results, so people can look their best no matter what their age. When administered by a professional medical practitioner, toxins like Dysport can not only relax muscles and soften expressions, but also lift facial tissues and features, and reduce the appearance of pores,” says Dr Christina Chea from Klinik Christina Chea.

  1. Microwave-away your “mummy pooch”


Despite regular exercise and consuming a healthy diet, some mothers may find it nearly impossible to get rid of the stubborn pockets of excess fat in their mid-section, or the “mummy pooch”. Fortunately, there are many non-invasive ways to get rid of these bulges.

One of them is Onda, which generates controlled microwave energy to selectively target and destroy fat tissue to achieve a more defined silhouette. The device comes with an integrated cooling system, Coolwaves, to ensure the patient’s comfort and safety.

“Onda penetrates the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin to deliver more energy and heat directly to the targeted subcutaneous fat cells – the fat cells beneath the skin. This helps reduce the heating of surface tissue and minimises the risk of damage to surrounding tissue. The microwaves also target the connective tissue to reduce the appearance of cellulite, while shrinking and stimulating collagen fibres in the treated area for a skin-tightening effect,” explains Dr Jane Frances Kwan from Dr Jane Clinic.

  1. Strengthen your pelvic floor

BTL Emsella

Pregnancy and childbirth can stretch and weaken the pelvic floor muscles and ligaments that support the pelvic floor organs and control bladder and bowel movements.

While Kegel exercises are recommended to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, many women, especially new mothers, do not know how to identify and engage the right muscles for their exercises to be effective. Enter BTL Emsella, which uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) Technology to stimulate supramaximal muscle contractions to reduce post-partum incontinence.

“The muscle contractions achieved with BTL Emsella are at a much higher rate and far more intense than is possible to achieve voluntarily. Unlike other more invasive treatments for incontinence such as surgery, it is non-invasive and very comfortable, as patients remain fully-clothed and seated on the ‘chair’ for the entire treatment duration,” explains Dr Nurul Ain Abdullah of Alainn Clinic.

Fun fact: a single session of BTL Emsella is comparable to performing 11,000 Kegel exercises!