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A class-action lawsuit has been filed against cosmetics company, EOS, after images surfaced of a woman, named Rachel Cronin, experiencing blistering and sores around her lips after using their latest lip balm product.  The images were posted by Cronin to her personal Facebook where they were later shared by TMZ.

Cronin claims she experienced severe pain around her lips where they “began severely cracking on the edges causing flaking and bleeding from the cracks.” after using the product.  While she claims she did seek medical attention for the condition, it was only after the blisters and sores continued that she posted the images to Facebook.

The lawsuit claims that the posting of the photos led to a “frenzy of responses” from other customers that had similar, or even identical, experiences after using the product and goes on to say, “This was a massive national health problem.”

On Wednesday, EOS responded to the allegations in a Facebook post and defended the quality and safety of their products.


Image source: Facebook

The post has been met with very divisive views from EOS’ customers.  Some took to defending the company, citing allergies as a likely reason for the experiences the affected customers have had.



While others, some of whom have had bad reactions to using the lip balm themselves, claim that allergies have nothing to do with it.



Allergies or not, it’s clear something in the lip balm is giving people a bad case of what looks like “pash-rash”.

Source: Mashable

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